Investments for the extraction and peat processing

We plan to scale manufacture capacity and invite you to invest in a stable profitable business

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Peatcoin — blockchain option for the supply of peat. The project is aimed at attracting investments in the enterprise from the real sector of the economy with an annual turnover of $ 3.7M, which has been successfully operating since 2015.

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The environmental aspect of our project

Eco product

Unique product created by nature itself, which can be used as fuel, fertilizer, insulation material. It is a renewable natural resource.

Eco environment

Peat is an environmentally friendly for growing eco-products, without harmful chemical fertilizers, non-GMO. The use of peat has no negative impact on the environment.


The use of unique modern technologies allows to preserve the useful peat properties, to limit the negative impact on the environment. Development of peat fields helps to minimize forest fires.

What is PeatCoin

PeatCoin is a unique investment tool in the real enterprise for extraction and processing of peat.

Unique PeatCoin opportunities

The operating enterprise:

 Company founded in 2012;
 start of production in 2015.
— A new deposit;
— modern equipment;— observance of technology;
— automated processes.

"Сhistoe" peat deposit:

 Mining rights for 25 years License;
 proven reserves of 20 million m3;
 the possibility of expanding the field up to 80 million m3.

Economic indicators:

 Extraction in 2017 — 150 thousand m3;
 Revenue of 3.7 million USD;
 A profit of $2 million.

Options conditions:

PTN tokens can be exchanged for a corresponding volume of raw peat at a rate of 10 PTN per 1 m3 of peat (exchange will be held with minimum increments of 1 m3) immediately after ICO completion.

Geographical location:

"Chistoe" is the most Eastern deposit with comparable peat reserves, which makes our company attractive to supply products to the markets of Middle East and South-East Asia.


 Retail networks "Lenta", "OBI", "Perekrestok", "Auchan";
 agricultural producers;
 exports to China and Iran.

Access to investments:

Private investors will have the opportunity to invest directly in developing enterprise and to obtain a considerable profit due to the early entrance to the project and clear ways of profit fixing.

Guaranteed income rate for investor:

We guarantee  tokens buy-back at the market price, but not below 1.6 $ per PTN. Buy-back within 5 years, amounting to 15.5 million $

Unique prospects of development:

 The construction of the power plant;
 construction of the greenhouse complex and the production of agricultural products.

Token sale terms​

Hard Cap
10 000 000 $​

Soft Cap
1 000 000 $​

Will be released​
17 500 000 PTN


Accepted currencies:

The distribution of tokens

88% for investors

10% for team project

2% bounty company

Undistributed tokens will be burned.

The distribution of investment

3.9 million $ for stripping equipment

2.8 million $ for production equipment

2.4 million $ for mining equipment

Hard Cap Distribution

90% modernization of the production (purchase of equipment);

10% bonuses marketing company

10 PTN = 1m3. Market price 1m3 ≈16$

Token prices

Pre-ICO PeatCoin
0,5 $​

1st week of ICO PeatCoin
0,7 $​

2nd week of ICO PeatCoin
0,8 $​

3nd  week of ICO PeatCoin
0,9 $

4th week of ICO PeatCoin
1 $


1st quarter 2018

2nd quarter 2018

3rd quarter 2018 — 2nd quarter 2019

purchase and installation of a new

3rd quarter 2018
the start of the Buy-back procedure

2nd quarter 2019
achieving maximum
volume of production

the end of the Buy-back procedure



Top managers of the company «Ekoprom»

Avachev Alexander
/ Founder

27 years in private business.
He developed rules, was a member of the disputes committee of the NP "Sovet" for wholesale of the electricity market.
In 2011 he was a Deputy chief
Director of energy Corporation "Ural industrial – Ural polar".
In 2012 he founded OOO «Ecoprom».

Elena Obukhovich
/ General Director

10 years as head of the tender Department at ZAO "Company "Yunilend — Ekaterinburg"
ZAO "Lactalis Vostok", head of Department area of responsibility "Russia" (trademark
President, Galbani, Locatelli, Parmalat).
Extensive experience in
trade-distribution and production foreign companies.
Created three successful start-ups.
Co-Founder of The Nonprofit
organization of the charity Fund "Animal protection".

Alla Naumova
/ Chief financial officer

Total experience: 38 years, including 10 years as the financier at PA «Stroymaterialu»  (production of construction materials, operating more than 1,000 people) in Tashkent region. Then she worked 5 years as a Deputy General Director on Finance and economy with functionals of the chief accountant (contractor works for repairs and setting-up for metallurgical complex employed more than 700 people). After moving in 1997 in Saint-Petersburg she worked as a Financial Director in a construction company. Since 2002, after moving to Moscow she worked in an engineering company as a Finance Director (with chief accountant functions).

Semenov Sergey
/ Head of production site

Graduated from Pskov State Polytechnic Institute, majoring in electrical engineering. He started his career as a worker in "Svoy dom proekt". Three years later, was already a middle Manager in Pskovelectrosvar, and two years later — the head of Department.

Zakharov Vadim
/ Head of the mining site

He started his career as engineer on the wood yard of ZAO "Turinsk Pulp and Paper Mill". Continued as production Manager of the sawmill in agricultural production cooperative
«Rostok». Next he was a head of MDF handling department  in the OOO "Zavod Resourse".

At the factory work

ICO team

Poduzov Dmitriy

He graduated from the Sverdlovsk Institute of national economy on a speciality the engineer-economist. Activity: working in the private and public institutions in management positions.

Poduzov Ivan

Activities: the top management of commercial structures, Creation of own companies and investing in existing business. Professional  Manager in sales and marketing.

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Top managers of the company OOO «Ekoprom»

At the factory work:

ICO team

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"Chistoe" peat deposits

Contours of the Chistoe deposit
The preliminary boundaries of the mining allotment